Friday, October 28, 2011

Roses are red....

I finally found my red rose. It was hiding in the back of the garden, so I am sending it to you.  I know that you would probably want it on a Monday when things can be a little down.  I always feel that you can get through anything on a Friday, unless of course you have to work on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Then again, if you love what you do, you may not need little perks like roses and blue sky, anytime!!!

I love what I do; but every once in a while, I need to stand back and put things in perspective. You know - get a coffee, go for a walk, smell the roses and then I come back refreshed.

There was a hoarfrost this morning and most of the flowers, close to the ground, were lost. Those higher up and hardier were spared. This rose was spared.  I also noticed a few promising buds, that might open in a week or two, if the weather doesn't become too severe.

Enjoy the last roses of summer.  Winter is long and white. Here are some roses in lace - Red Rose Shawl.

Have a great weekend.

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