Sunday, October 02, 2011

Nuit Blanche VI

This is the sixth time that we have gone out for Nuit Blanche - an all night outdoor art extravaganza that takes over the city from 7:00pm to 7:00am.  About a million people pour onto the streets of downtown Toronto to catch as many outdoor (some indoor) art installations as possible.

I love Nuit Blanche because you end up going places where you would not really go in the day to day toings and froings of life.  Here is what I mean:

This wasn't even an installation - it's a fountain in Taddle Creek park near where we parked the car and I just couldn't resist the shot.  It's a huge fountain and especially beautiful at night!!

The best installation, I think, was on Queen St. at Nathan Phillips Sq.  It was called "Flight School" and it was trying to get people to think of new ways of travel, such as, flying around the city.  The lights were awesome.

I was actually out, looking for negative space for my photography challenge - now would that be "Espace Noir a Nuit Blanche".  At night there are lots of opportunities to create negative space in a photo. Night is black, a great negative space for a highlighted subject.  Here is one I liked.  It's a cloister on the campus of Victoria College.

I must now wait another year for my white (k)night. Create make believe where you can!!

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