Monday, October 17, 2011

Never say never.....

Well I started out a little slowly with the "things I have never done blog challenge" so I guess that I had better step things up and post the other 8 "never dones, had or hoped to achieve" things, or I'll be left behind with the next challege!!!

Some of these "nevers" are things that I haven't done because I just do not want to do them, such as, Scuba Diving. I can understand the thrill of seeing coral reefs or finding a sunken ship; but you will never get me past the barnacles, creepy sea creatures and tanglely weeds.

Other nevers are teasingly close to being an accomplishment that they should be on a "to do" list, such as:

1. I have never been to Newfoundland. I understand from all who have been there that it is a magical place and I believe in magic - I just have to convince my husband or go alone and I will one day.  If I go to NF, then I will have to go to the Yukon and the Arctic to complete my Canadian collage of provinces and territories.  My sister lived in Eqaluit for years and my mother took 3 children aged 12, 8 and 2 from Toronto to Yellowknife about 40 years ago, with just a tent and a car. Obviously I have let the "side" down.

2. I am surprised that they allow me a Canadian passport because I have never portaged with a canoe. I have paddled one (prefer Kayaks) and camped in the wilds - not in winter -20C as my daughter has (and she was born in Guatemala); but no portaging as yet.

3. There are many books that I have never read, including, Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead and Jane Eyre. This week I plan to add audio books to my to do list and start listening to stories.  Apparently you can do this and knit at the same time.

4. I have never been published.  I'll work on this.

5. I am not fluent in another language. Inspite of living in a bilingual country, studying Spanish at university and being raised by my German speaking grandparents, I somehow missed the transfer to spoken in any of these tongues.  That's next.

6. I never took Latin at university. I studied Latin for 5 years in high school, but took Spanish as a language instead of latin after High School. My friend said that there were only 4 people in her Latin Class in university - what a concentration.  I now make due with Latin Wednesdays on facebook - sponsored by the marketing manager for Knitter's Magazine - veni, vidi, vici...and more. Latin nerds are amazing!!!

7. I have never roller bladed. eh!!!

8. I have never read the manual to my '98 Honda Civic.  It took me 3 years to find the button for the emergency lights - lucky I was just pulling over and it was not an emergency.  There is a time when we have to learn things very quickly. Yes, it helps to have read the manual before hand - but I always had better things to do. However, I knew where the brakes were!!!!

Please post your nevers, if only to define them as soon to be...can I save evers?

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