Monday, October 10, 2011


This week's photography challenge is "Lines." Fortunately the heat is off for "Portraits." I did find though that if I asked to take a person's picture, they really didn't mind at all - ask and you shall receive!!

"Lines" lead a person into and out of a picture, as in railway tracks that seem to come together the farther away they are.  In my world all lines are straight, predictable, and have parameters. However, another hobbyist posted that lines are not always straight, predictable and with parameters - OK another challnge, to take a picture with a curved line, that doesn't end and maybe has a surprise element to it - sure, "a piece of cake" :)

I made the mistake of imposing my concept of lines - that they are all straight  etc... on the challenge and missed a huge opportunity to look for the graceful or mysterious curved line.

If you are like me and tend to impose your view of "reality" on things without actually taking the time to see if there is another view and another "reality" than you may have missed an opportunity to follow a curved line.  I am glad that the other photographer opened my eyes to her reality.  It will make a difference in my shots.  In the meantime here are straight lines.

Have a great holiday.

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