Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Life....

I just had to post today to acknowledge the passing of Steve Jobs.  The blog heading is not mine; it is the heading used by the Globe this morning. This was the Globe's front page - it surpassed the Ontario election in importance (no kidding!!!). I don't think that I will ever cancel my subscription, since the Star chose to headline the election - really there are things that are more important.

In fact, I found out about Steve's death long before I opened the morning paper.  I had been on Facebook and my picture portfolio on the camera site I use, as well as, Google and a few others.  All major on-line interfaces reported the death of Steve Jobs. To me this is akin to the loss of Galileo, Da Vinci, etc.  all major innovators who have helped us take giant steps into the future.  You may hate technology; but you have to admit that it has changed the way we do things and I think that few readers would give up their washing machines and dryers for scrub boards and clothes pegs.

Steve Jobs made digital technology aesthetic and incredibly user friendly. I know that while an I-Pad doesn't do the laundry - you can probably get an app to critique dry cleaners & laundromats in your area and likely find someone to exchange laundry duties for dinners made or something like that.

He put the future in our hands!!!

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