Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Handyman Cometh....

Or at least he said that he was coming.  My husband is not "handy." He's better just going to work and paying the bills than attempting anything remotely "hands on." So we have had our share of handymen over the years.

Some have been disasters - out of work engineers who despise small jobs, but need to make some spare change until the unemployment cheque comes.  These are the ones that open packages of nuts and bolts, adapters etc and just leave the wrappings every where for me to tidy up - urrrghhh.

Others may have been, in another life, politicians, ministers, run-of-the-mill "soapboxers" who would rather talk, politics, religion, or any other controversial topic - generally espousing a view which is the antithesis of mine - rather than getting on with the work.  Another urrrghhh.

There have also been the gems. These are the down to earth guys, who are so organized, can fix anything and have fabulous personalities. One was the best comedian, I have ever heard. Unfortunately, these people always go on to better things!!

So to day I will be meeting my 7th or 8th handyman - at least I hope that I will - he did say he was coming.

I know that there are female handy persons.  I called one once, only to find that there was a list of things that she "didn't do."  Somehow the guys don't seem to mind taking on the challenges - yes I guess that there is still room for "macho" in this world.

So, here I am at 9:30am waiting for Godot - actually that really isn't his name :)  It's "The Odd Job Guy." No relation I hope to Odd Job in the James Bond series.

I guess that I could pick up some knitting and at least feel useful.........

Have a productive day


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