Sunday, October 30, 2011

Did you hear the one......

So, did you hear the one about the woman who went into the camera store and came out with a $300.00 lens cap?....Well, that really isn't how it went...sure, we know....

Well actually I lost my lens cap....could be worse.  I know that it will surface one day, after all - A. who would steal a lens cap. B. as caps go, it is really rather minor. C. make a list of everything you know that involves "caps" and you will know how insignificant this really is!!!!!

So why would I pay $300.00 for a lens cap - well there was a small camera attached to the cap.  Not the camera I actually came into buy the cap for - well that would be ridiculous - that would only have cost $7.00 and I would have been in and out in 10 mins.

No the other camera that was attched to the lens cap...or wait, maybe this new camera really didn't need a cap, because it had a retractable lens and, oh yes, did I mention that it could take video - you know the Youtube type video - just a minute or two - actually 15min and then you edit - of course, if you can understand the crytic software intructions for editing video and life....alas poor Yorick....right time of year - wrong software.

Anyway, I ramble.  I bought a small Canon camera to take stills & video. It is minute, my intention. If all else fails I could support the secret service...again, you know....little old lady...arrested as international spy, who would have thought....  I intend to go onto the Canon site and tell them that my next camera will be a Nikon because of the inferior movie editing software that they have provided with the particular Canon camera I bought.

Tomorrow is another day.

Hope yours was better than mine.  Here's a pre-hallowe'en picture.

Looking forward to tomorrow...I love Hallowe'en!!!!

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