Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Cemetery without soul.....

I mean no disrespect.  I know that cemeteries have a lot of souls in them; but I was walking over to a cemetery that is close to me, to take pictures of their lovely rose gardens, only to find that they had cut back all the rose canes to the requisite 6" - needless to say there were no roses to be seen.

I was hoping that they would let the canes grow into November to capture that last rose of summer.  I have written about her before.  She is my alter ego. There is something about the flower that hangs in there to the frost and maybe even a bit beyond that conjures that sense of the eternal present.

My photography group wanted pictures on the theme of love and what says love more than a rose - a red rose in particular.  I was hunting for a red rose.

Fortunately I had taken some pictures of roses from my own garden.  I am not as kempt as the cemetery gardeners.  My roses grow into November - all the better to remember summer by.

Now where is that red rose?  Have a LOVE ly day!

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  1. That's terrible. I too leave my roses growing and love when they flower into November. Right now I have a yellow rose blooming in the front and my pink rose bush in the back is still blooming as well.