Monday, October 24, 2011

99% and counting......

OK my apologies if you are that 1%, this blog maybe isn't for you.....But if you do fall into that 1% category, I could use a small donation - a few thousand would work -  more if you are so inclined and love knitting...honest, no questions asked, just leave a comment, where you may be contacted & I'll work out the transfer of funds!!!

Now if you are in that 99%, I have to say that I loved an article in the paper today about the eternal Pete Seeger leading a march in NY - I think it was 5th Ave - makes sense - he's 92 and still fighting the good fight.  Well he had to use a cane or two and his grandson, another musician, was there and they hooked up with Arlo Guthrie somewhere along the way.  They chanted - think "talking blues" and they even broke into a chorus of We Shall Overcome.

I believe if anyone can win this war - this silent struggle for jobs and meaningful work for brilliant young people, for honest hard working (would-be) providers for their families and communities - then we have to approach this "fight" the way we approached the racial issues in the '50s, 60s & 70s.

We have to close the great divide and support the middle class bridge.  We all have to get out and protest.  We ended a war.  We reversed racial legislation.  We now have to stop the pay outs and enforce taxation to promote equality.

I have often referred to myself as a Pete Seeger "groupie." I remember saying to my daughter that for almost 20 years Pete Seeger was forbidden from performing.......They let him sing to school children in the 50"s, because they felt that he couldn't do much harm there...

My daughter answered by saying...."Surprise, surprise...he raised a generation of Flower Children." We need to do that again.....Thank you, Pete.  Help us to get organized again.

Have a great day and make a statement....I just did!

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