Monday, October 17, 2011

100 years, 1 marathon and counting.....

There is another challenge over at the blog/photography thread at V7N - Make a list of 10 things that you have never done and blog about them.

1. I had no problem making the list - it could have gone on forever 10, 100, 1,000 probably closer to a million. When I asked whether the object was to "do" these things and then to blog about them, the answer was "whatever" or something like that. Whew, that was lucky because Sky Diving was right up there on my list and I have nooooooooo intention of every doing it!!!

My hat goes off to a fellow knitter and friend who took up sky diving at 75.  I know Barbara and she has surmounted many challenges, including knitting while lying down, when recovering from hip surgery.  I did not ask her if she knit while sky diving.  With my luck I would pull the wrong loose end and ruin a perfectly good piece of knitting - not to mention my first (read last) jump!!

Anyway, another "thing" that I have never done is run a marathon and that would be second on my list of things that I probably will not do in my life time.  I know there is still time, given that Sunday's marathon in Toronto broke a record - an age record that is.

Fauja Singh completed that marathon in what looked like 8hours and 25mins - give or take a second or two. He is 100 years old.  I have to hang my head in shame. I am considerably his junior and I have trouble staying on my feet for an hour or two let alone 8 and running as well.  Where are those track shoes...?

I know there is a slogan out there that says:  "do something everyday that scares you." Now, that's scares, not terrifies, you.  I have trouble just doing the things I have to do or am expected to do - like emptying the dishwasher. Why would I take on this challenge.....?

Well, again maybe it's because, if we don't challenge ourselves, we let life slip by - doing all the things that "ought to be done" and never end up doing the things that "might have been done."

Challenge yourself to-day. Post if you like.  You will amaze me!!!!

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  1. I love the writing style that you are picking up. You come across as if we are chatting over a cup of coffee. I love it!