Thursday, September 22, 2011

Of focus, frames and overrides....

OK this is an odd photo. I was up early again and it was dark, so I was looking for something to shoot - with my camera, that is. My house is old and a little quirky.  There is a lot that I would change or fix in it; but not my leaded glass windows.

There was a street lamp across the street that was throwing one of those lights that you see in old British movies - you know when you hear foot steps behind you. It must have been all the "stuff" in the paper about Jack the Ripper. Anyway, I tried to get the light framed in the diamond pane. However, my camera decided that I could get a "better" shot if I just let it control the situation.  My camera kept zooming in and would not let me depress the shutter button.  I'll have to look for the override in the manual - now, where did I put that booklet.

Anyway here is what the "camera" took.

The topic of the photo challenge that I am in is "Fill the Frame." It is a fundamental tenant of good photography - it helps you curb those pictures that are all sky and trees with little people - the ones you were taking a picture of - waaaay in the distance. When you "fill the frame" you move quite close to your subjects, centre them in the photo and eliminate a lot of the surroundings.

I'm still doing mood photos, so things are a little asymmetrical.  I really must get back to the main premise of this week's challenge.  OK where is my override button so I can "press" it and get back in focus on the main subject.

Now you know why I like Crazy quilts - there are very few rules.

Obey the rules when you have to. Make your own when you create!!

Have a interesting day!!!

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