Saturday, September 24, 2011

Negative space...

This is the photo challenge for next week - to create photographs exploring negative space. Negative space is everything in a picture that is other than the subject. This space actually enhances the subject or the story that the picture has to tell.

Here is another shadow cast, this time on the wainscotting in the dining room.  The picture would be quite different if I had just filled the frame with the pattern.  The dark areas around the lacey shadow emphasize it and create some mystery. It is a little like the plain areas in knitting that emphasize the cable or lace patterns - you need both to create depth.

Here is another.  This is a picture that I "set up" - I don't know anyone who stacks their glasses this way. I set it up because it looked like one of the examples I saw in my research on negative space.

The negative space here is in opposition to the object - straight lines vs curvey lines and sharp edges vs blurred edges.  I'm not sure that the photo works; but I love playing with light and patterns - fuel for knitted lace. Here are the two classic images for negative space.

Do you see a vase or do you see two people face to face?  Enjoy your negative space - it makes the positive all that much better!!

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