Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Light Fantastic

I was up at about 6am today and it was dark, so I could wait for the sun to come up and see what interesting light photos appeared. I knit for a bit - some do yoga, some knit, some do both (over achievers). Well the sun came up (good thing) and I just hung around the back door, in my dressing gown - the neighbours may think it's a little weird to be wandering around the garden in the morning in night clothes - not evening dress - that would suggest that I led a really interesting life - no just a faded blue robe.

Well with sliding glass door closed and the lights still on in the kitchen, I saw the light!!! It was the kitchen light reflected in the glass door and it looked like the Lilac tree had had a second blooming of a very large incandescent light.

Reflected also in the bottom left hand corner is the window of the front door which was about 25' behind me - a bit like a memory or a song that pops in your head unexpectedly - Tripping the light fantastic at 7:00am - maybe I do lead an interesting life!!

Create interest where you can - Have a good one


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