Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Quilt

I am in another Photo challenge, so there will be more pictures and more blogs and of course I am knitting; but very busy at work.

This particular photo challenge is to take 5 pictures in a week and then to choose one of them and write a blog about it.

Crazy Quilt
Here is my first picture for this challenge:

This is actually a small square about 5" x 5" which I knit in DMC about 20 years ago as part of another opportunity to submit a knitted piece for a museum show (non-juried).  I love crazy quilts because they are free form and allow for a some rich embellishment. First, I knit the basic fabric creating random shapes, using fair isle and intarsia. Some of the shapes I beaded. Finally, I added embellishments which I appliqued on.  I had to include a date on the piece and I was looking for gold beads which I knew I had.  Anyway I couldn't find them in time so I used some smaller white beads - not as effective.  I have subsequently found (and lost) these gold beads many times over these last 20 years.

I plan to add the better beads soon and I will retake the photo.  The date had to be of something significant in your life, so I did a composite date of the birthdays of my 3 kids.  They appear in Roman numerals, because I was having trouble with round shapes and sewn on beads.  I love how there is often a way around most problems with just a little thought.

We really aren't all that crazy!!!

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