Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Candle on the sill....

Silly me ....silly camera....or both.  I have been struggling with negative space for a few days so I decided that I had to "set up" another picture. There I was in my dressing gown (it's becoming my work uniform), in the morning, in the dark, realizing that I had to light a match, to light the candle. What if I work everyone up with the smell of the sulfur or worse yet set off the smoke alarms!!!!  The things we do for Art!!

Anyway the negative space is there; but I should have used a tripod, because the picture is a little blurry and the camera cast this halo around the light so that I couldn't just get a clear picture of the flame.

Still there I was like Florence Nightingale or the gatekeeper's daughter, lighting a candle to help someone navigate their way home. Somehow pictures, even set up ones, conger other worlds.

Set an idea on fire in your business and transport your customers!!

Have a great day....

1 comment:

  1. Some of the greatest artists only worked in their dressing gowns!

    You go Florence!!