Friday, August 26, 2011

Table Talk

Here's another photo in the photo a day challenge. I took this at The Brickworks - a reclaimed city dump that's been turned into an environmental centre.  I was actually there to take pictures of water lilies in the ponds.  It's so much better to have water filtering through ponds and reeds rather that chunks of old asphalt and filthy tires.

Tables in the Sun
Well, I was fascinated by the patterns created by these tables and chairs and their shadows.  I think that there must have been a craft demonstration or something in an open area near the ponds.  I can see how some knit and purl ribbing with diagonal stitches could create a very interesting pattern for a sweater or blanket etc.

I will put the lily pond pictures up on the Queen Anne's Lace site, when I talk about the pond scarf.

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