Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rain on my window

Rain on my window
It took me a long time to try and get close ups of droplets of water - I know get a life!!  Well I've had my Canon DSLR for a few years now and I think that I have just scratched the surface as far as using its abilities as a camera.  Every once in a while I take out the small leaflet that came with the camera - the larger manual is next - and re-read what I should be doing.  Well, when I finally got the light inside the camera to stop blinking, by moving this little dial that I could never figure out the use for (for which I could never figure out the use), I was finally able to get a good close up.

Definitely the message here is perseverance - it may take a lifetime - but the upside is that there are still things to learn, as though one were back in school, except that the world is the classroom and all those you meet are teachers, as well as classmates - in many respects we can be forever young!!

I know that I will do a lace pattern soon that involves stitches that look like rain - it can be surreal.

Raindrops on a glass pane 2011

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