Monday, August 15, 2011


I have just completed Capricorn in my Zodiac shawl series. Aquarius is being test knit and Scorpio has been released!!!  I just have 2 more to knit - Cancer and Aries. So I am looking for inspiration. Cricket Walker, whom I follow on Facebook, is always good at posting new challenges to get people up and moving to start their creative juices flowing.

Her latest challenge is a photo a day. I'm a bit late in starting; but here is my first one. Yea it's me taking a picture of a shop window which I pass everyday when I go out for a coffee.

My office is on Mt Pleasant Ave, in Toronto, which has often been compared to Union St. in San Francisco.  I haven't had a holiday in awhile - can't you tell - I haven't been posting.  Maybe I should just play tourist in my own backyard.  Well I could pretend that it's Versailles or St. Petersburg. I'm feeling better already!!

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