Friday, August 19, 2011


Sometimes I feel like a motherless piece of Playmobile.  I was scouting out some interesting picture possibilities and I almost missed this little guy.  Someone had left him on the windowsill of one of the shops on Mt Pleasant. Perhaps a child had been looking in the window and left him or he had been dropped and a passerby kindly picked him up and placed him there. Then, I came along and decided he needed recognition.

Lost Dog
 Actually I tried applying some effects to the picture from the limited software I have. I think that he looks even lonelier in black and white. The power of colour or the lack there of creates some awesome results. Apply this to merchandising and see what happens - maybe something doggone amazing.

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  1. That picture is sooooooo touching. Who knew your eye could see such emotion in a litte piece of plastic.