Friday, April 08, 2011

The Materialistics

Gauguin Sweater
I have a book by Ruth Herring and Karen Manners, entitled Knitting Masterpieces, that has taken many of the great works of art and translated them into knitted sweaters.  I love this book. I'm not sure that it is in print anymore; it was published in 1987.  I have always wanted to "do" the Monet sweater. The cover of the book shows "Tahitian Women on the Beach" by Paul Gauguin. There is a total 20 sweaters in the book including the Mona Lisa, David and Cherubs by Raphael.

Well this book and its sweaters are not the only ones that have linked great art and knitting.

The Materialistics' version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers
The Materialistics are a group of knitters in the UK that decide every year to take a famous work of art and re-do it in knitting. Be amazed; be very amazed!

Art critics, of course scorn their attempts; but knitters love them. It's maybe more tasteful than yarn bombings - even the very high end yarn bombings. Their work shows the versatility of knitting and it does raise it closer to true Art then, let's say, toilet roll covers :)


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