Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a question of lace?

Shary Boyle
I am fascinated with lace and lovely lace trimmed garments.

This is why I was so taken with the work of Shary Boyle who has created, in porcelain, some of the most amazing sculpted figures trimmed in lace.  In fact some of Shary's "people" are actually dressed in real lace that has been dipped in porcelain and applied to the figure.

Shary Boyle

The artist's figures at first resembled Royal Doulton figurines; but with more texture and detail. The hands, for example, all had six fingers. Then Shary moved away from the conventional to the more expressive.

Shary Boyle
I particularly like this last one. It's a modern take on knitting or something like that. It's perhaps a little difficult to tell from the picture; but the hands are tangled in fine yarn. I can identify with that!

Dream, create, sculpt, and live in lace!!


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