Friday, April 15, 2011

How about lucky month

Well it is maybe time for a re-assessment of my lucky day diary.  I started my diary in January and the idea was to try it for a see how it might add a little luck...maybe I should say add a little more luck to my life. I was thinking Lottery win - several million and "good-bye"......
Pisces from Queen Anne's Lace

Well I haven't won the lottery - a few free tickets and some loose change - but this diary is in the process of changing my life!!!!!  I didn't take before pictures - but here are the after shots!!

1. I decided that I could save about $1,000.00 per month in rent, if I gave up 2 of the 5 rooms that Infiknit occupies on Mt. Pleasant.  It took a lot pushing and shoving; but I managed to squeeze 5 rooms into 3 and have the space look even better than before - how did that happen? The move wasn't easy because it involved moving and re-wiring machinery, moving shelving units, making decisions about this and that etc...etc...But I did something that I have been putting off for several years.  OK I am not really going to save $1000.00, because my landlady reduced the rent by 75%, so I couldn't say no - but I now have 2 rooms that I can re-configure - What luck and, yes, why hadn't I done this years ago!!

Infiknit after the move
2. I am on a design roll. A few years ago I decided to interpret the 12 signs of the Zodiac in lace shawls.  Well I hit some down time last year and Taurus and Sagittarius took ages to finish, but Pisces and Gemini are just zipping along and I have ideas for Virgo brewing.

These were two monumental changes, especial the move, so I have to say that two and a half months of keeping an almost daily positive diary has fuelled some pretty positive action.

Sooooo, I am not stopping, because I have to lose some weight, get back in shape and generally move forward. I also need a place to record all the neat things that happen in a day like:
800lb skeiner moved

1. The day I had to take the 18-year-old to emergency because his "diamond stud' got embedded in his ear, which had subsequently become infected and it just had to be dealt with.  Well he looked a little apprehensive and said, "Are they going to cut off my ear?" I said, "don't be silly - you're not that good an artist!"

2. I also had a chance to pass something forward.  We were buying parking tickets to park at the hospital from a machine which would only accept $4.00 in coin - go figure, one could die of heart failure for the lack of change, anyway I put in the wrong combination of coins and had to figure out how I was going to get my money back because I couldn't print a ticket.  Did you know that there is a little red dial that you turn and BINGO all the money comes out of the slot - it's like Los Vegas.  Well I got my money back and several other peoples' money as well.  It didn't end there.  The gentleman before me who also didn't have the right change had gone back to his car for more money and had just returned when I hit the Jack Pot. I gave him the rest of the change; but it still wasn't going to work for him, so he asked to buy my $2.00 coin for $5.00.  I gave him the coin and said - "Pass it forward" - remember someone had given me their ticket at another hospital, so I parked for free that day - well I parked for $6.00 not $4.00 this day - but for two bucks I had a great feeling all day!!!

3. I also wasn't suicidal when it snowed in early April - what luck!

Gemini - knitting on border
4. There were lots of other great things that happened as well, which I have forgotten so I have to start writing again, because, as I said, it makes a difference.

This blog post has been brought to you by Meredith and Jeremy and their gorgeous little dog, who came to visit because I hadn't been posting - thanks guys I needed that!
and Spring is here

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