Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here comes the BRIDE......

I just had to share with you a closet passion of mine (shhhhh - doll's clothes). OK there are people out there who like miniatures - really! Some people even have children because they are so cute and so little:) So what's wrong with some quick and easy projects that play with lovely stitches and knitting techniques.
Jaquie Yaxley

I think that doll's clothes have been given a bad rap - they've been lumped in with the toilet roll cover crowd and just never got out! Now if you were to size up some of these patterns to adult proportions, everyone would say, "Oh, wow, that's lovely!" Because, of course, one can envisage wearing it rather than having it sit on a shelf to collect dust.
So what's wrong with collecting dust? There is something time honoured about collecting Royal Doulton figures and the whimsical, if not slightly macabre, work of Shary Boyle is in demand. Oh, well, I guess I am doomed to be a voice crying in the wilderness about the grace of doll's clothes. 
Anyway, every once in a while there comes an opportunity to display doll's clothes in all their loveliness and the Royal wedding is one of those occasions.  Here are my patterns for knitted bridal gowns. (Penny would understand.)

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