Sunday, April 03, 2011

Capture Capucci....

Every once in a while you need a shot in the arm to get you back on a creative track - at least I do anyway.  Well into my lap this morning fell an article about Roberto Capucci.  Capucci says that he is more artist than dress designer, even though he has costumed some of the world's most beautiful women in his 80 odd years.
Roberto Capucci

This is what I had been waiting for - an appetiser tray of fabric and fibre creations like no other.

So let's say that you are looking for an idea for a sweater, perhaps and you take a look at Capucci's museum pieces (he's on display at and you say - "Wow, I had never really thought of adding ruffles here or pleats there or....or....

There are a few designers who have created the ruffles, but maybe not added them to a sweater or vest. Others have worked with layers or psuedo layers to create very delicate garments.

Ruffle Scarf from Vadis Designs
There was even a dress by Roberto that featured a bodice trimmed in what looked like eyelash yarn. Sorry the picture was in the globe; but not on-line.

Roberto Capucci

Ruched Pelerine from Le Tissier

To see more designs by Roberto Capucci, just google his name and you will be amazed.  Now take some of these ideas and apply them to knitting designs. It's that simple :)

Enjoy Carol

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