Saturday, April 02, 2011

Beyond April Fool's Day

OK it's the day after April Fool's Day and I'm a little late; but I have just spent the last 3 days writing a pattern for the lace shawl Scorpio and I just lost track of time. Anyway, I have to say that for years I have been the fool. (Does that mean that it will stop now?) I have somehow thought that April Fool's Day and the Lord of Mis-rule were one in the same!

Lollypop Scarf from Lucy Neatby
Well Wikipedia has set me straight - yes I believe in Wikipedia.  The Lord of Mis-rule is actually a person who is chosen to preside over festivities around Christmas possibly a remnant of  Saturnalia celebrations.  It is a time when things are turned upside down and masters wait on servants etc. and the Lord of Mis-rule may command anyone to do anything.  Well there is a lot of slapstick humour, joking, pranks and whatever at this time so I guess it just merged with April Fool's Day - actually a hangover - maybe literally - from pagan times when Spring was considered the beginning of the new year - makes sense when you think about it.

Chain d'Amour Scarf from Lucy Neatby
So what does April Fool's Day have to do with knitting.  Well no one wants to be "a fool" when it comes to techniques and every knitter would love to know all those little "tricks" that make knitting a lot easier, such as, correcting those little "slips" in knitting without taking the whole thing out. So let me present Lucy Neatby, the mistress of knitting tips and tricks.  Lucy has two books and 16 DVDs just loaded with everthing that you need, or would like, to know about knitting.  I highly recommend both her sock book - Cool Socks Warm Feet and her lastest book on finishing - Cool Knitters Finish in Style. These are motherloads of information in very readable formats for beginner to even the most experienced knitters.
Spindrift Scarf from Lucy Neatby

Lucy's DVDs offer visuals for even more information. The pictures are of Lucy's patterns that show some of her knitting tricks and of course her sense of humour. (PS. The slight price increase in Lucy's products on April 1 isn't a joke - it's just survival.) Anyway you'll want all of this fabulous collection at any price.


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