Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moby Duck

Wool/Angora on cone
I was just reading a review of a book by Donovan Hohn, who decided to track the fate of a lost cargo of those iconic rubber ducks. Apparently sometime in the early 1990s approximately 28,800 bath toys spilled from a container ship into the North Pacifc Ocean. Well, a large number of those bath toys were those bright yellow rubber ducks. In his book, Moby-Duck, Hohn travels the world in search of the final resting places of as many of these rubber survivors as he can find.

Partly environmental, partly saga and apparently very entertaining, this is a quest of the magnitude of the original Moby Dick - but much more readable. In fact this book may make National Rubber Ducky Day a real cause for celebration.  Follow the link to read my post on that particular day.

Now what does Moby Duck have to do with knitting? Well, I have always wondered what happens to my products when they leave Infiknit. I know that they are shipped to stores and knitters buy them and maybe knit something with the pattern or the yarn or both and maybe that article is then given to someone, or worn by the knitter or given to charity or stored away.

My friend Julia has just returned from a trip to Morocco, which she had organized for Fibre enthusiasts. Julia said that she was amazed to find one of the group, a knitter, knitting with a yarn that we had carried a few years ago.  It was a fine blue laceweight wool and angora blend which this person had bought on e-bay.  Well, imagine the trip that this skein has taken. First it came to Infiknit on the cone. Then we wound it into skeins and overdyed it. A shop ordered it and it left Canada, possibly going to the US or another part of Canada. Then it was put up on e-bay; bought by a knitter, who took it to Morocco. The knitter had decided to knit a shawl with the yarn; however, after one of Julia's wonderful beading classes in Morocco, this clever knitter decided to add beads to her shawl and Voila - we have Rainbow - wool & angora - knit and beaded into a lovely shawl!
knitted and beaded

Please send me stories or pictures of products from Infiknit and I will post them!! Enjoy.

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