Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lucky Day Diary March 18, 2011

It was lovely this morning - Spring bliss and........

1. Luckily I remembered to answer all the questions for my interview with Vogue Knitting for the Made in Canada column. It should be in a Fall issue. I always speak from the heart; but sometimes when what you say shows up in print, it sounds so much different then what you really meant to say.  I'm holding my breath!

2. A nice catalogue order came in to-day! Thank you!

3. JB is back from Morocco and had a great time!! She will be back at work on Tuesday and then things will really get moving around here!

4. It was such a lovely day that we BBQ'd hamburgers for dinner - it felt like summer.

5. Also I forgot to mention that my friend Meredith dropped by (the other day) with her son Jeremy.  She said that she was going to post a comment to this blog; but, decided to drop in, instead!  Wow, I can take that. Anyone who wants to drop in rather than comment, or do both, is more than welcome. 542 Mt Pleasant Rd. Toronto.

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