Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Mar 1, 2011

It is slowly warming up and luckily today was quite bright, my other luck was....

Dion from Sheepish Knitworks
1. Luckily two sets of shelves that I moved from one room into another, at the office, fit against the wall.  We are really re-arranging things a little - for more luck, of course!

2. Also fortunately, I was able to get all the patterns of a new designer from BC - James Emslie - up on the Infiknit website. The pictures are of his wonderful hats!

3. I was also able to complete two questionaires for Robin Hunter who plans to interview me on her blog for both Infiknit and Queen Anne's Lace. What luck!

4. Fortunately, although I forgot to puree the diced tomatoes for the soup, it still tasted great - just a little chunky!

Lith from Sheepish Knitworks
5. Lucky too, I'm back on track for posting. March 1, is St David's Day in Wales - no Daffodils or Leeks here - but milder weather, sun, longer daylight hours - March us into Spring!!

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