Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit....

Bunny Hat from Woodsmoke Woolwork
Here are my offerings for the year of the Rabbit, to help you get a "jump" :) on sales. 
These are the amazing hats, mitts and socks from Woodsmoke Woolworks! Barb Telford of WW has 15 simply wonderful hats to which she has added mitts and socks.  
Well we don't have mitts and socks for all the hats but we do have them for some of the "best sellers!"
Shown here are Bunny Hat with Carrots and matching Bunny Mitts (separate pattern) and Bunny Socks (separate pattern) . 
Bunny and Carrot Mitts
Bunny and Carrot Socks

Barb's design signature is the whimsical "danglies" that hang from each garment. These patterns are sized from child to adult, for those among us who are still fascinated by childhood.

I have included the Sheep Hat pattern which also has separate patterns for socks and mitts and The Frog Hat pattern for some added "leaps" to the year of the Rabbit. Frog Hat also has matching patterns for mitts and socks!
Sheep Hat
Water Lilles and Frogs Hat

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