Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn for Bombing!!

Want to stage a "Yarn Bombing?"  These are great events which can be promoted on Facebook and Twitter and/or in your local media - newspaper, radio, TV. They bring loads of traffic to your store and create a lot of excitment and anticipation!!

Yarn Bombing
Just select a day - National Knit in Public Day is June 11 - or perhaps there is something "happening" in your community at another time.

Select "something" to bomb -  local monument or point of interest, set something up in a park etc. (get permission) or just the front of your store (your permission) and decide how you are going to "cover" this with yarn.

Enlist the help of local knitters - use yarn from stashes and/or order some of our fabulous chunky Alpacalicious yarn on the cone to really get things going. Think of the cost as very inexpensive advertising.

This yarn is a very sturdy yarn - perfect for coats, outerwear and oh, yes bombings. The yarn on the cones is white, but accepts dye wonderfully. You may even have your bomb white to start and then dyed with Cool Aid after installation.

Chunky Ammunition for Yarn Bombings!

Pictures of Yarn Bombings on google

Optional - add a charity twist - we still have the site "" - if you need a platform.

Have a great day! - Carol -

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