Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Chocolate Covered Cherries from Heartstrings
Originally known as St Valentine's Day, this day was set aside to honour various early Christian martyrs named Valentine, one of whom apparently wrote letters to parishioners explaining how God loved them. The tradition of sending "letters of love" on this day, obviously caught on and was firmly entrenched by the middle ages, with many references in Chaucer and other authors of the time to St. Valentine's Day and courtly love.

The idea of giving chocolates on Valentine's Day, came later and may somehow be linked to the belief that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Incidently, the term aphrodisiac comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, whose roman name is Venus - her son is Eros(Greek) or Cupid(roman). Chocolates may be love incarnate! Remember "Baci" means "kiss."
Falling in Love Scarf

Now, if you add in the various fertility feasts that were observed by pagan cultures at this time of year, you have quite a few reasons to celebrate in February. Also, I think that there is something about February that says, I need a "hug" or a "pick me up!"

Red Rose Shawl

And what better pick-me-up than the colour red, some roses, a box of chocolates, a pretty card and an "I Love You" greeting.  Knitters may want to try the sock and fingerless mitten patten form Heartstrings called "Chocolate Covered Cherries". It is a richly beaded set just perfect for the occasion.  Add to it Falling in Love scarf from Fiber Trends and you have a great match. At the risk of repetition, I have also added Red Rose Shawl, for the roses - because it's all about hearts, roses and chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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