Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 31, 2011

It's another sunny day today and...

1. Luckily my son got his act together and submitted all that was needed for one program at Ryerson. We just have 4 more to do!

2. Fortunately also my daughter called at the appointed time (once a week from university) and discussed baseball with her Dad - a sure sign of Spring.

3. I remembered, luckily, that is was Februaury 1 tomorrow St Brigid's Day so I could post about the sweater St Brigid's Well by Alice Starmore.

4. Small roast chicken for dinner to night (they were on sale). So that meant mashed potatoes and gravy. Comfort foods on sale are lucky finds!

5. Picked up my new glasses today. I'm lucky that they took just 5 days, not 10 to be delivered. I can now read the fine print!

6. Fortunately, I remembered that I hadn't uploaded this post or I would have missed a day!

Bring on February!

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