Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 9, 2011

Another bright sunny day; but -15C and my luck today was....

1. With the help of my husband and two sons, we managed to get the rental car out of the parking spot!  What luck!

2. Also Julia was in to help today because the orders were piling up! We may luckily be out of the recession.

3. Dinner was already made - stew - tasted great!

4. I had to make a few sensitive business calls today and fortunately they went well. I have been putting them off - glad I finally made them!

5. Beacuse I have joined a FB group, for the  month, with the focus of learning something new everyday, I pulled out the dictionary and found "neologist," which is a person who uses or invents new words. It was a lucky find!  Please give me your new words and I will endeavour to use them!

6. Fortunately, my son takes ages to get "ready" because I was able to complete this post!  Luck is where you find it or look for it!

Getting closer to lucky Friday!  Hope you had a good day too!

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