Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 8, 2011

Today my horoscope wasn't as grim as yesterday so it should be a luckier day!  Let's see....

1. Fortunately, my husband's office is not that far from home, so he was able to come back and give my son and I a lift to school/work, when the rental car didn't make it out of the parking spot. I'm sure old Betsy would have!

2. Also, I'm lucky I didn't have to walk to work. Although it was lovely and sunny, it was around -20C with a wind chill.

3. I was thrilled when one of the designers, whose patterns I distribute, said that I had sold more of her patterns in one month than the competition has in three. Lucky to have made two people happy today!

4. Fortunately, OCAD (the art college) rescheduled their trip to the cadaver lab, so my eldest wouldn't miss out on this event. Yes, Virginnia, luck may be found almost anywhere!

5. I had a meeting after work and got home about 8:00pm. Luckily I remember to look up into the sky - there was Orion, resplendent, in the south sky!

A much better day than yesterday and tomorrow is "hump" day!

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