Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 7, 2011

My horoscope said that I would need "help" today.......so this is the luck we found amid the "gloom"....

1. It was a lovely day, fortunately, with thick fluffy flakes of snow creating lots of magic.

Serena Gundy Park - Feb. 2011 Toronto
2. Luckily the my car's bumper, which had become dislodged, didn't completely fall off while I was driving to the dealership to have it fixed.

3. Fortunately, also, I have car insurance, which covers a rental car and some hefty charges to stick a bumper back on!

4. Because of the snow, I was, luckily, able to take some nice pictures to put towards creating a slide show of my lace designs. Here are the pictures for Snowy Evening Shawl.

Snowy Evening Shawl
5. Made two dinners tonight from left overs - chili and curried lentil soup, luckily I had enough leftovers for both.

6. Also we were quite fortunate to be able to contact the guidance teacher at my son's school, after school hours, because one of the colleges that he had applied to said that he didn't have the required courses to register. There had apparently been a computer glitch and his marks were not showing. Got my fingers crossed that there will be no other problems as a result.

I did need help today and knowing that I had to focus on the positive for the diary helped immensely!! Tomorrow is another day!

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