Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 17, 2011

Sagittaruis Shawl from Queen Anne's lace
It was warm to-day - close to 10C. Here is my luck while waiting for Spring.....

1. I went to a midday meeting wearing a sweater - no heavy winter coat - what luck!

2. Sagittarius is blocked and fortunately, I like it! Now onto Pisces or maybe Gemini! P.S. It looks better on a person than a door!

3. Luckily, my car was ready for pick up today. It just took 11 days to put on a bumper. She may be 13 years old - but I love having her back!

4. I let the cats out today - so they could "shed" outside! Luck is a furless house!

5. Dinner, stew was made. Froze the soup stock for 2 more meals. Made fruit salad - lucky I had this burst of energy at the end of the day!

Tomorrow is lucky Friday!!

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