Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 14, 2011

Well, today is Valentine's Day, so that in itself is lucky and I...

1. Luckily remembered it was a special day and decided to get something nice for dinner. I went to the "upscale" butchers (Cumbrae's) and bought a small piece of butterflied leg of lamb for dinner and some prepared brussel sprouts that were cooked with bacon and walnuts, yum. I decided to save on the potates, so I just did home fries with onions and mushrooms, because for some reason we had a lot of leftover potatoes.

Valentines Day 2011
2. My son did manage to get his portfolio finished in time, so we spent the morning at George Brown College, after we found it of course - you entered from an back alley off some tiny street, downtown - I did get a parking spot, though!

3. I also went out for a coffee, while at the college and found this little cafe that was right out of the 50's. It had a long counter with stools and a row of booths on the other side.  There may even have been a juke box with each booth, not sure. N. E. corner of Richmond and George, if you are near there. What luck!

4. Fortunately, I also managed to finish Saggittarius - pictures after it is blocked!!

5. My husband brought home flowers - tulips - and since we had cleared the kitchen table for portfolio making, we put everything on the dining room table. Here's the picture. Lucky to have an indoor garden!

6. Fortunately, I also remembered a friend telling me about a Scottish Fish & Chip place in Toronto that not only does deep fried Mars bars, but it also does deep fried Oreo cookies - thank you, Daniel - I could then post to my FB group - learn something new everyday - with this tidbit!

All in all it was a very good (lucky) day. Happy Valentines Day!!!

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