Monday, February 14, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 13, 2011

Today was quite a lucky day in the sense that...

1. It was about +5C and the snow was melting!

2. We had a lovely birthday party to attend in the afternoon!

3. My husband had made dinner the day before, cassoulet; so that was made!

4. We were able to get into my son's school to retrieve his sketch books for tomorrow's portfolio evaluation at George Brown College!  We were almost ready at midnight! Just a few things to finish off in the morning

5. Although we were a little short on submissions for artwork, I re-read the requirements and he could submit photography.  Well, he had spent the summer doing two credit courses in photography (we had to keep him busy) and he had a computer full of some amazing pictures -what luck! -  I'll ask him if I can (may) post a few tomorrow.

Not bad in the luck department and, of course, there was all the other luck that we just take for granted - not sick, no accidents, no major disruptions....just humming along is lucky in itself! and tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!

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