Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 12, 2011

It was a little grey and overcast today, but milder - it warmed up to zero- that was lucky and my other luck was...

1. We finally threw out the dead Paperwhites that had been on the table too long and decided to see if we could still plant the other 6 bulbs left over from Christmas because we didn't have a pot for them at the time. Well, what amazing luck.  They were still firm, hadn't sprouted and potted up well, with a view to blooming!

2. There was a lovely article in the paper about the hood ornament on a Rolls-Royce - Spirit of Ecstasy - it began with a love story and this year it celebrates it's 100th birthday. I will be doing another post on it's relation to knitting, soon.

3. Marta McCall posted to my FB wall picture of a handbag made of raspberries. This gave me an idea to do a post on knitted fruit hats - a lucky boost in blog creativity!

4. Fortunately, I remembered that I won't be in the office on Monday, so I could get a few things set up now, for then.

5. Also fortunately, we decided to get the 17-year-old started on the final stages of his portfolio submission for 9:00am Monday morning at the college. Just as well we did, because we discovered that, not only did the photographs of his artwork have to be printed, they also had to be mounted, with written description of the work. Plus he needed 15 pieces, not 10 (he was reading the instructions for another college) and he needed his sketch books, which were at school (closed until Monday morning, unless we could work some magic). It was 5:30 Saturday afternoon and the stores close at 6:00 - mad dash to get more photographic paper and mounting boards, xacto knife, tape, etc..etc...

I am lucky that I have survived, so far - but since I still angst over the 28-year-old - I know that I have years of this ahead! Where's that little engine that could...?

Hope you had a great day!

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