Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Feb 11, 2011

It's Lucky Friday - still cold; but the forecast is for better weather and my luck today is....

1. I'm very lucky in that my insurance company has decided to pay for the repairs to my 13-year-old car - hurray!!! She's not a write-off!!

2. I was talking to a knitter, whom I have  known for a long time. She was saying how much she liked the Queen Anne's Lace Patterns (she didn't know that they were my designs). Her closing comment was: "Boy, Queen Anne's Lace and Fiddlesticks have to be the best in lace patterns!" I felt very lucky to be able to hear this comment, first hand.

3. Marta McCall posted to my FB wall a picture of a handbag made from raspberries and I went to look for some more and found this broccoli bag. They are part of the cover of a book about the culinary achievements of Fulvio Bonavia. Lucky to have seen these - they are just so cool!

4. The seventeen-year-old vacuumed the stairs, without being asked. Well it turns out he needed money. This may have been a $5.00 job, which he decided was a $10.00 job, which he then escalated to $15.00, because he did it while he was "sick" (not sick enough to stay in, though). Lucky he did it with a sense of humour, which put me in a good mood and I let him get away with it this time! Lucky we can still rationalize!

5. BBq'd chicken from the supermarket with shawarma spices - I'm not wild about the taste of cinnamon and chicken - but it's really all about the fat anyway; isn't it! Lucky to be able to have this at all - no complaints!

An interesting Lucky Friday and tomorrow is Saturday!

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