Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Hat By Any Other Name.....

Since I'm sitting here, just needing to write - (I wonder what is passing through my House of Letters today?) - I thought that I would define some of the names that Woolly Wormhead has given her amazing hats. One of the first is Alveare, which in Italian means "beehive" or in biology, "snail". The image is of a graceful conical shape. Think "Chambered Nautilus" and you have the romance of the swirl.

I think that this is the perfect slouchy hat. Subtle changes in the knit and purl stitches create the idea of a swirl, which is so flattering in any form and especially a hat. Knit one in DK cotton for the summer.

Ironically this year is also the 50th anniversary of the year of the "Beehive" hair-do. Shown to perfection on Audrey Hepburn


The second unusual name is Arabacia which is a type of spiney sea urchin. Woolly Wormhead has certainly taken the sting out of any urchin in this lovely hat with bobbles for accent!

Arabacia is a little more formal than Alveare, perfect with suits and Sunday bests. Try it in pink as an alternative to the classic "pillbox." Arabacia is knit in fingering weight yarn for a lovely drape and fine finish.

There is romance in a name. Depth is given to items (and people) by association with the name(s) they have been assigned. Language is an art, painting pictures with words!

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