Sunday, February 13, 2011

Berry nice knitting

Fulvio Bonavia
After seeing this bag which was posted to my FB wall, I decided to look at how knitters have interpreted fruit in knitting.

The most classic of patterns is Fruit Caps from Ann Norling.

Strawberry Hat from Ann Norling

This is a pattern to knit a child's strawberry hat, with variations that include a raspberry hat, as well. You can also turn the hat into a pumpkin with the addition of ribs of purl stitches.

Another pattern from Ann Norling is one that looks like a watermelon - very lovely.

Berry Cute from Fiber Trends
Fiber Trends has also interpreted the raspberry hat in a very different way and added a pumpkin and pineapple version too!

There is something very irresistible about a hat that looks like a berry or a flower or an animal. Not only is it the element of surprise - a handbag made of berries! - but we can bring all the delicious sweetness of the berries to the hat or bag. With animal motifs, we bring all the "cuteness" of the animal to the garment.

Patrick's Pumpkin from Fiber Trends
I remember once seeing a scarf that looked like a school bus. It had all the fun of the first day of school or a class trip!

The demand for "style" probably trumps this type of playfulness in adult hats; but kids still understand the idea of fun and that's why knitting for them can be so much fun!

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