Thursday, January 20, 2011


Adrift by Carol Feller
I realize that I have used this word a few times in some recent posts so I thought that I would explore it a little more. Vicarious means felt or enjoyed through the imagined participation in the experience of others. It comes from the Latin word "vicarius" which means substituting.

I think that this is a perfect word to use with knitting. Knitters tend to enjoy seeing the projects that other knitters have knit. We love "show and tell" at guild nights; most groups on Ravelry have a "What's on the needles" thread and I know of a lot of knitters who could spend the whole day on-line just looking at what others have knit!

We never seem to tire of seeing the knitted stitch. There is a great deal of comfort in its regularity; its somewhat oval shape is very aesthetic and its repetition into a whole garment, awe inspiring.

I am distributing for a new designer Carol Feller and I uploaded several of her patterns to my site yesterday. I love them all, but I particularly like Adirft, pictured here. It is a lovely diaphanous wrap with sleeves knit in lace weight yarn on 4mm needles. Now I could really imagine myself knitting this wisp of a garment. It congers the emotional image of a waif, a soul blown by the wind or someone floating in a sea of dreams.
Centrique by Carol Feller

I could also imagine myself knitting Carol's other two projects for different reasons. Perhaps I would knit Centrique to be one with the scenery in the background and the other Iceling Set maybe to enjoy again children. Yes, I can take a lot of pleasure in just imagining the needles in my hand and the yarn slipping through my fingers. Thank you "vicarious" for giving a name to our thoughts.

Iceling Set from Carol Feller
Dinner - well, I could fast and just enjoy, vicariously, other people's dinner :) No, as far as food is concerned, I need substance. How about some fish or seafood. Tuna casserole always works for me. Here is a link to an easy one with variations. Enjoy the real thing.

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