Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lucky Diary - Jan 9, 2011

1. Well luckily my daughter's cell phone alarm went off at 8:00am giving me an hour or two more of Carpe Diem (sieze the day). Actually my daughter is in Halifax and we are in Toronto, but she has a Halifax phone and a TO phone. It was the TO phone, which she leaves behind (and obviously doesn't turn off, when she goes back to Dalhousie) that went off. Well first I tried to turn off our alarm, which wasn't on. Then I had to find where the "noise" was coming from - top drawer of my husband's dresser, by the time I had turned off the alarm, I was wide awake and ready to start the day - sort of - What a lucky break!!!

2. Then I took a look at the day that I was about to sieze. It was beautiful - bright and sunny, though very cold -8 or -9C. The smoke coming from the buildings was white and fluffy, which always reminds me of angels.  There was an article in the paper on ice rinks - maybe to-day will be skating at the Brickworks. I was very lucky to have this amazing day on the weekend, when you don't have to work, so you can really enjoy it!

3. Well, I was also hoping to luck out and have a white dress shirt in the house for the 17 year-old's graduation photo session on Tuesday, but I didn't so, I had to hop over to Winners and get one - however, I was lucky enough to get a parking spot about 10 spaces from the front door on the first try and as it turned out I found the last size small 15" neck on the rack at $30.00. I often think that Winners has an alien manufacturer or two - because I find that either the sleeves are too long,  the necks too wide or the general shape so contorted that it wouldn't fit anything remotely human. Anyway, the price was right and the wait in line, not that long.

4. Another lucky strike, my husband was able to book our daughter's return flight home for reading week in February at a mere $500.00 - down from the usual $800.00. It may be lucky - but it still hurts.

5. I felt that I was on a roll as far as the shopping was concerned so I decided to drag my husband, kicking and screaming, into our local GAP store to see if we could get a sweater or two to replace some of the really worn ones with holes - you know the ones they will never part with. Please don't mention that I should be knitting him a few.  The last one I knit somehow got into the wash and is now half the size - more on that later.  Anyway another lucky hit at the GAP. There was a sweater that actually looked quite nice, that he could live with and with the extra 50% off was only $15.00.  Now to wash and mend the others.

It's 8:30pm and since I usually fall asleep very early, I don't think that there will be any more "luck outs" to-day. I have already done the Sunday Star crossword and have all but 3 or 4 words left to be solved. I know I should be doing some knitting - but maybe I'll read a bit or do the cryptic crossword puzzle. I can't count a great dinner as luck, except that it was paella and almost all the clams & mussells opened - a diem carpe'd.

I wonder what will "luck out" tomorrow - I'll keep you posted. !!!

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