Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 28, 2011

Filligree from Woolly Wormhead
Lucky Friday was very active because......

1. Woolly Wormhead sent me two new patterns. I always love seeing Ruth's work.  It is so creative, so tasteful and yet so easy to knit!

2. Company is coming for dinner and dinner is made!

3. Nothing like company coming to make you clean the house. But now that it's done, I fortunately don't have to do it tomorrow.

Lucy from Woolly Wormhead
4. There's another sprout coming on the rather sparse Amaryllis I showed earlier. The first Amaryllis bloomed all at once. Maybe this will be one of those slow and steady ones to luckily get us through to Valentine's Day!

5. Dinner was great and we talked about everything including Dryads and the royal wedding. As my husband pointed out, we spent an hour discussing how we were NOT going to talk about the wedding.  They still fascinate. Lucky to have friends to share a common interest or disinterest!

Not a bad day and tomorrow is Saturday!!

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