Friday, January 28, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 27, 2011

I'm having to turn over every stone or chunk of ice to find a little luck in an otherwise dreary week; but....

1. I managed to fix the windshield wiper on my rear window. The ice build up had pulled the rubber away from the housing.  At first I thought that it was "finished"; but then I tried just shoving it back in place and it worked!!! Saved some time and some money.  I'm all for the kind of luck!

2. As much as I complain about the ice and cold, I am lucky that no one has suggested to me to take an Arctic adventure package such as this Polar Trip lead by a woman.

3. My daughter posted to my Facebook a note about Margaret Trudeau. I'm not a big fan of Maggy; but I like hearing from daughter who is away at school.

4. I had a burst of creative energy in the evening and wrote a post on Drayd's because two designers named two very different knitting patterns Dryad. A lucky combination!

5. Got an invitation to a party!

Tomorrow is lucky Friday!!! Hope you had a lucky day too!

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