Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 26, 2011

It's milder today, but a little grey so we may have to work a little harder at being lucky!

1. Fortunately, I got a return e-mail from another knitter who had been at Vogueknitting live.  She also said that Lynette's entry was fantastic and should have won!

2. My eye exam went well today.  I worry because I do so much knitting that I maybe straining them; but I'm good for another year!

3. No exams for the 18-year-old today, so a little less angst. Funny how we just can't seem to let go! Can I say, I'm lucky that there was less angst today?

4. I read an article about a family of 3 deciding to live with just 100 "things." They are minimalists. As I look around at all my "stuff," I am thinking that this may be a direction to move towards! It's always fortunate to have a goal!

This might have passed for a very non-descript January day, except that I have to look for all the positive (lucky) things that happen each day, beacuse of my Lucky Day Diary. It is a good way of reminding myself that, I am not living with a medical condition; I do not live in country where violence is a way of life; I have more creature comforts than many; I have had the benefit of an education, of family, of friends.......This is the real luck in any day!!!

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