Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 25, 2011

This has to be a lucky day, it's Robbie Burns' day and...

1. Luckily, Kim Finlay posted to my Facebook Wall the fact that an unpublished letter from Robbie Burns had been found under some floors boards in a castle in the South of Scotland. I love these lucky finds!

2. I was able to drag myself, kicking and screaming, to the gym today and fortunately, my reward was to watch a daytime TV show that showed you how to clean lots of hard to clean things like baseball caps, silk flowers, make-up brushes, hair brushes etc. by putting them in the dishwasher - you probably knew that anyway!

3. Luckily Lynette posted lots of fabulous pictures to her blog so I could import them into this weblog and also send out an e-mail broadcast showing her magnificent submission to Vogue Knitting Live! And thank you MBT for commenting on the post. To have someone, who was actually at the show say that they felt that Lynette's entry should have won is, wonderful!

4. Spaghetti to-night! What's not to love! Sorry no Haggis!

5. Also luckily someone posted to Facebook a Flash Happening on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It was a group of students and more singing A Man's A Man For A' That.  It's a long song; but wonderful to be transported to Scotland if only for a few minutes!

Not too bad in the luck department today. I have also made a mental note that I should organize a few "Flash" happenings. I love them. They are the little things that can make a day and they are so grassroots!

Hope you had a lucky day too!

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  1. Lots happened here for Robbie Burns day - we had haggis - yum