Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 24, 2011

1. I finally got a chance to look at a video that Lynda Gemmell of Cabin Fever sent me. You'll love this.  It's about getting people to climb stairs rather than use the escalator.  It's all about making things "fun."  
My friends do have some lucky finds.

2. Picture postcard snowfall again today. My car started in -20C temperatures and the transmission shifted into DRIVE on the second try. Well she's a 13-year-old Honda Civic. I'm lucky I still have her.

3. Fortunately, there is "Answer Your Cat's Question" day Jan 22. I missed it this year; but, I'll work on communicating with all three of them in order to celebrate it next year :)

4. Monday was awesome for sales. Thank you!

Lynette Meek of Le Tissier Designs one of the winners (centre) at VogueLive!
5. Lynette Meek of Le Tissier designs was first runner up at VogueKnitting live. Here is the picture - from right to left - winner, next Lynette Meek(white handbag) and her design(pink and green wrap with shift) which was first runner-up, then second runner up(last white garment). Now you tell me whose design is the most stunning. Lynette said that her entry drew "gasps" when it appeared on the runway. BTW the winner has a book due to be published by Vogue soon! I am so glad that Lynette's entry got selected out of 100 submissions and that she was the best, but one, of the show.  I feel very fortunate that I distribute Lynette's patterns - she's a winner!!!

All in all a great day and tomorrow is Robbie Burns' Day!

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