Monday, January 24, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 23, 2011

Well, it looks like it could be a lucky day today. It's gorgeously sunny, but -20C, this is really unusually cold for Toronto! So we will have indoor luck today!

1. Fortunately the Sunday paper had a very interesting article on a man who bought 40,000 negatives at an auction. Now, I ask - would you ever buy 40,000 negatives and expect them to bring you luck? Well, it turns out that these were pictures taken by a woman, Vivian Maier, throughout her lifetime, that were never printed as photographs. Vivian worked most of her life as a nanny and likely had little money; but she did have a camera and took lots of pictures in her spare time - fabulous pictures. These negatives were kept with her other belongings in a storage locker and were auctioned off when she failed to pay the rent on the locker. The purchaser, John Maloof, a Chicago real estate whiz, bought them, printed a number of the photos and had a gallery assess them. He now has a gallery show in progress and several more lined up, a book about the photographer, who died before he could locate her and the rest is history!

2. Also in the paper was a notice about a severe weather warning for TO.  Basically it suggested that people stay indoors today. Gee, that's too bad, now I'll just have to knit all day :) What a stroke of luck!

3. Fortunately, the 28-year-old, decided to stay at home to help celebrate his brother's birthday. The tradition is pizza and cake, so the menu is an incentive. As the kids leave, there are fewer at home to "party," so the younger ones get short changed a bit. I'm lucky he stayed!

Sagittarius in progress
4. Luckily, although it was cold, the sun shone all day and lightened the spirit.

5. Fortunately, also, I think that the short row shaping in the knitted on border of Sagittarius will work around the point of the triangle at the bottom of the shawl. It will just take some careful blocking.

All in all not a bad day and I already have an order lined up for tomorrow - things are looking good for the start of the week!  Hope you had a great Sunday as well!

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